Royale Eatery

The Royale Eatery has in the past few years grown a reputation for having the best burgers in town. Divided into two rooms downstairs, it also has an upstairs area and a deck looking out over the bustling (and hustling) that goes on along upper Long Street. An upside-down garden hovers above the pavement outside, beckoning to passers-by. Inside they will find a casual, bohemian atmosphere, with chrome ceiling fans, exhibits of local artists on the walls, pistachio green 60s chairs, Formica-topped tables and a row of cosy, upholstered banquettes. Popular with a young, artsy crowd and a sprinkling of advocates and journalists, the Royale never has a dull moment. The service is fast, friendly, extremely flexible and accommodating; they will customize dishes to almost whatever you want. The menu is presented in an attractive cloth-covered, book format. Family owned, the kitchen prides itself on hand-making all their sauces, relishes and toppings, many according to the matriarch’s recipes. Some of the burgers (most between R50 and R60) are named after friends and family members. The Tio Victor has bacon and peppadews; the Golden Boy is a veal patty with basil and peppers; the Santori made with pork and topped with a delicious teriyaki sauce, ginger and chilli. The Baa Baa is a lamb burger; the Real Estate, a 160g tuna portion; the Cosa Nostra is layered (like the organisation); the Big Bird is an ostrich burger with beetroot relish. Some of the burgers are big indeed – with 250g of meat. There is also a good vegetarian selection; the Wonderland with a large, brown mushroom; the Zelig with moist, perfect falafel made into a patty, buttered with humus and topped off with avocado. Burgers are served with a unique combo of potato wedges and sweet potato chips. Milkshakes are the Royale’s other signature production. These come in a dizzying array of flavours, including milo, smarties, romany creams and lunch bar among others.

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