Cape Town

Cape Town is blessed with some of the best restaurants in the world. There is a huge variety available, unlike any other place on the continent and far ahead of the rest of South Africa, even more than in the whole of the Johannesburg Metro. Excluding the chains and major franchises there are over 400 dining establishments. I’m not sure what people in Cape Town actualy do for a living, but the coffee bars, street cafes and restaurants are full morning, noon and night, on a scale that only a peak season holiday city or a far bigger metropolis should be able to support. But there it is.

Alcohol is cheap by world standards  – a bottle of house wine in Cape Town costs the same as a glass in London. Tipping is usually set at 10%, though with the enoromous tourist influx 15% is becoming more common, higher if the bill is a small amount. (A quick way to calculate is to look at the VAT amount if this is itemised on the bill, which is at 14%). Remember, tipping remains at your discretion. Do not reward bad serice, but be reasonable.

Service personnel are generally friendly with an easy manner, and helpful, if not overly familiar. They often say wholly inappropriate things, but it’s rarely offensive. You will come across poorly trained staff, but try and keep in mind that this is the manager or owner’s fault, not the waiter.

Enjoy the city!

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